Neopost Franking Machines

Neopost Franking Machines

Neopost have manufactured many franking machines since they began in 1924, and they are now renowned for manufacturing very reliable and useful franking machines. They have released many franking machines, and many are still on sale and available to buy today. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire can supply you with some of our own machines and give you a quick quote for a Neopost franking machines.

Neopost sell many mail room equipment products to the UK, and they are now ranked the number one franking machine supplier in Europe and number two in the entire world. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire can bring you Neopost’s current range of franking machines, and they include:

• IJ25 / IJ25E / Autostamp
• IJ30 / IJ35 / IJ40 / IJ45 / IJ50
• IJ65 / IJ70 / IJ75 / IJ80 / IJ85
• IS240 / IS-240 / IS280 / IS-280 / Autostamp 2
• IS330 / IS-330 / IS350 / IS-350
• IS420 / IS-420 / IS440 / IS-440
• IS460 / IS-460 / IS480 / IS-480
• SM22 / SM26

Many of these franking machines are Mailmark compatible. This means that your machine may be able to gain access to this unique Mailmark service. Mailmark is a unique service provided by the Royal Mail and it enables franking machines to frank a 2D barcode and get lower priced franks. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire can guide you through Mailmark by contacting us. Neopost’s range of Mailmark compatible franking machines are:

• IS240
• IS280
• IS330
• IS350
• IS420
• IS440
• IS460
• IS480

However, not all of Neopost franking machines are smart or Mailmark compatible, and this means that they are just regular franking machines and do not come with Mailmark or Smart meter.

As reliable and great as Neopost franking machines are, they are not the cheapest of machines currently on the market. As well as Neopost, we suggest that you go to the Franking Machines Nottinghamshire home page for your franking machine as we can offer you low cost franking machines and franking machines supplies. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire will save you money on many franking machines, and we even sell Neopost franking machines for rent or sale at a much lower price than Neopost. Save money on your franking machine and Franking Machines Nottinghamshire.

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