Neopost Mailmark Franking Machines

Neopost Mailmark Franking Machines

Due to the recent update by the Royal Mail about their brand new Mailmark franking service, many franking machine manufacturers are altering their franking machines so they can be compliant with this new franking service. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire understands that some franking machine manufacturers are releasing new franking machines, and others are simply updating their franking machines. Neopost are no exception.

Neopost have recently released an update for franking machines so they can fit in with the new Mailmark service and they are set to be updated this year when Mailmark is released. The Neopost Mailmark Franking machines that Franking Machines Nottinghamshire believes are set to become Mailmark compliant are:

• IS240
• IS280
• IS330
• IS350
• IS420
• IS440
• IS460
• IS480

All of the above franking machines are set to become Mailmark compliant, and if you already own one of these machines, you can get an update for it. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire are here to help you with Mailmark, and we know that your business will gain access to even lower franking prices for your mail, saving you even more money.

A 2D barcode is included with Mailmark and it will aid your mail as it makes your mail look far more professional and therefore give your business in Nottinghamshire a more professional image. One final advantage to Mailmark is that the 2D barcode that franks your mail can be used to track your mail from A to B. This means that you will be notified when the mail item gets to its destination and where it is in the UK. Mailmark will be very useful for any business in Nottinghamshire, and so if you want to gain access to this unique service, you should get a Mailmark franking machine or an update for your current machine. All features and advantages of Mailmark will not be gained if you do not get an update or a new Mailmark compatible franking machine.

Unfortunately for Neopost franking machine customers, none of the old IJ range will become Mailmark compatible, and so you may need to get a new franking machine from Franking Machines Nottinghamshire if you want to become Mailmark and take advantage of the service. If you want a new machine, you can buy or rent one from Franking Machines Nottinghamshire for a very low and affordable price, saving your business money. Franking Machines Nottinghamshire can sell you either a Smart or Mailmark franking machine at a low price, allowing you to gain access to the advantages each type of machine gives your business.

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